How To Care Your Stomach?

In age above 20s our body anatomy is more change. Stomach become more obese. You can lessen stomach coil in time that will not stay too long discipline original do diet and exercise. The profit stomach is part from body that quick respond what committed against him. If you doing diet and this exercise following the result will be seen in 1 month.

1. Avoid food that many expecting carbohydrate such as bread, biscuit, cake, food that the salt content high such as junk food.

2. Doing eat morning, day and night systematically. The time distance guard, for example 6 hours once.

3. Drink at least 6 glass of water per day. Consumption also milk, 4 hind toe tea or coffee soft.

4. Help yourself vegetables in total that unlimited.

5. Masticate food slow, especially vegetables, dried fruit and grains,

6. Doing exercise 30minute/day. It because exercise will be burning a sum calorie and make your stomach flat.

So that your stomach flat try doing sit up every day minimal 8 times as long as 2 months continuously.


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