THE ROOMMATE (in cinemas 21 april 2011)

This is probably a similar real life situation faced by many teenagers today. However , in "the roommate" it comes with added action and dramatic ending. Sara Matthews (Minda Kelly) is a college student who is fashionable and she intends to become a huge fashion star once she graduates. However, things get weird after she is assigned to a dorm room where she shares it with her new roommate , Rebecca (Leighton Meester)

THOR ( in cinemas 28 April 2011)

Thor is an american superhero based on the comic book character. He is a mighty warrior who is also arrogant. His irresponsible acts caused an ancient war to resurface. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was then sentenced to earth , forcing him to live among humans as a penalty. His stay on earth has thought him what becoming a hero is all about and he is put to the ultimate test when the most dangerous villain from his world, Asgard , sends dark forces to attack Earth . Also , starring Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins and Samuel L.Jakcson.

RED RIDING HOOD ( in cinemas 21 april 2011)

Every child grew up knowing fairy tales and red riding hood was no exception . However, director Catherine Hardwicke decides to re-enact this fairy tale with a twist . In this fantasy thriller , lead actress, Valari (Amanda Seyfried) plays a young woman who is torn between her love , Peter  (Shiloh Fernandez) and her parents choice , Henry (Max Irons). When Valarie decide to run away with Peter , they learn that Valarie's older sister was killed by a werewolf. They seek the help of solomon ( Gary Oldman) to stop this nightmare..

In the hope to want to watch a movie the next day and the next day, you'll watch a movie that I show at the top because I'm sure it was very exciting and great to watch. a bit of hope can help you to choose a movie.


Mah@Mahu said...

Tak sbr tunggu THOR nak pergi tgk mcm best je..

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