my bff

for the first time in a pet column, I want to tell us a little about my friend who is very cute and funny. I'm sure everyone likes them because their actions are very cute, and funny child. I'm sure many out there who have it with different colors, different appearance and behavior. I will introduce my friends this is a very cute (cimot) and funny. a very distinguished him with friends which are out there is that he likes to hang out in the room, bed and staring.

 look at his behavior has not been boring me but he is my place to laugh and smile happily. now he gets older like me.hehehehe
i'm sure anyone who has friends like these would be delighted and very love him. I would cry if anything happened to him. huhuhu..


^ Uncle Syaf ^ said...

God! ur cat look tough... did u bring him 2 ur house, i meant bukit jalil?? i never see him before..

he might be interested wth my children (kaloi & gold fish) :p

z o u l said...

jgn ckp ko bnafsu dgn binatang yer...
***sambil dgr lagu kesha - blow

cimocimo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cimocimo said...

syaf:thanks for your comment..and thanks too coz your comment in english too.
my cat at my hometown lol.hehehe..
i gave my cat one dumble and one cardio..that why their body like me too..kekekekeke..
you has a cute fish too(goldfish and kaloi2)hehehehe

cimocimo said...

zoul:you are crazy woman..congratulate!!!
you just already kill 2 animal before this and already rape too..lalalala..remind that???
*******menanak beras tanpa meletak air***

Mah@Mahu said...

Gila gersang kucing ni huhuhu tu lah tanda umur dah lanjut opsss..

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