who created this examination ??!!!

help me! help me! very  depressed at present. when we call the article exam would be unthinkable on the study and study. tomorrow I'll answer two paper (organization behavior and e-marketing)where everything related to business. oh god, really need to study hard and deep. I felt my head swell like a balloon being blown up, the longer growing period and are just waiting to explode..hahahaha

looking at this picture, hahaha. in count 3 seconds my head would swell and burst due to too long read and memorize the book .. hahaha
--but if i'm thinking back, my  mom, my father sent me into university was to learn, not to hurt my heart to my parents and their expectations. I do  not want to be a person who does not succeed and fail. ow do not want people to look down on me. 
 So, I think positively let me stress at this time for the parents who loved me and my family are the high expectations of me. I will continue to pursue my dreams to become successful in any of my dreams to become a successful entrepreneur.

pray that I can give good answers and ye perfect.wish me luck my friend.



z o u l said...

ari2 mlucah je bila masa ko study..dah sudah jgn nak berangan je..masaaakkkkkkkk

cimocimo said...


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