ok for this time in the entertainment field, I'll give the fans a little variation karoeke fans out there who sometimes do not have enough time to karoeke, my friend has a website where we can berkaroeke me and other people not only from our country but also from other countries are also available, it also provides a point by the way we sing. here I attach the website to allow you to view and register as a club member. I am sure you will like it .. let's pull up the name of the gang public malaysia.!!!

Please click here to register as a member of the club KaraokeParty I hope I'll see you in there .. hehehe. let's be proud of the name of Malaysia .. yahuuu


^ Uncle Syaf ^ said...

ha3.. promote jangan tak promote..
just let me know if u wanna fight with me..ha3

cimocimo said...

I will, just tell me when and day. let's pull up the name of Malaysia. malaysia can!

z o u l said...

sory la ..org miskin je yg layak karok on9 ni..that all bye

cimocimo said...

jijol:syial kaw...

Dyanna Zamani said...


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